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Web developers have tried for users on the Internet and created for them a lot of free CMS or simply speaking content management systems: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ModX, 1C Bitrix and several others. Each developer bearing in mind the idea of creating a project in the network necessarily faced with a choice how will look his project in the network and what CMS controlled.

The same question which CMS to choose me for my website stood in front of me. I remembered that before websites were written as individual projects, each site was unique, and in the network was difficult to find the same web pages. Over time, the Internet grew and it faced two powerful forces: the lazy programmer with thought how long you can make individual projects? and a crowd of new users, who wants to be a God in the net, really wanted to have own website on the Internet. And lo and behold, was born comfortable, practical (I list the pros) Content Management System abbreviated CMS.

If we explain on the fingers, running CMS sites are those sites that access to content which is demarcated according to user rights. Websites with CMS have the administrative part (through which going  the management of the site , filling it with articles and other crap) and user section - actually what the web surfer sees opening a web site on the Internet. Using a CMS will save time for site administrators. The process of adding or editing themes on the site automated. Do not need to be programmer as before and to code a new html page with a new article, we need only to type through the administrative section of CMS the topic text.

Benefits of popular CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal ... and their ilk) are obvious:

Disadvantages of popular CMS:

Of course for some time, you can visually make the site very personal, but the internal structure of the site (well, just like the people about the appearance and inner world) will look exactly as many other, and here there is a question of security. O, and remember, it's no matter how good are fighters for copyrights in their war, if you're showing something in the network, be ready that now it is the property of all mankind. So do not be surprised if your custom website design at one moment hundreds of others would have. About the graphic individuality in the network especially when using the popular CMS you have to forget.

The more people use the same product CMS, the more it finds security holes and vulnerabilities. Of course there are new versions of CMS, which cover the old holes, but there are new holes. It doesn't mean that programmers writing CMS are bad, it is a great and mighty human curiosity and the more curious men, the faster they find security holes in the CMS. This fee popularity. Enough to search on the network vulnerabilities cms, mass WordPress hack it is what waylays administrators who use CMS Templates. All huge advantages of popular CMS fade out just by one reason, but a very important reason - security issue.

After weighing the pros and cons, I settled on creating my own blog management system.

Advantages create your own CMS:

Disadvantages of creating a site based on its own CMS:

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