Connecting to a Linux server through console

I am sure that the majority uses Windows as the home operating system, but probably heard that on the servers often use Linux. It is cheaper and, unlike rival Unix systems are mostly free and safer than Windows. On a newly installed server Linux does not have graphics interface, we are taking the first steps in this dark world of console.Putty

To manage a Linux server you need a program capable of creating a secure, encrypted connection over the Internet, so a channel of communication between you and the server nobody will interfere and all your information is transmitted to the server will be kept confidential. This is achieved through the use of the protocol SSH (Secure Shell). Let's get acquainted: simple, easy, convenient and known to many admins software  Putty,  which also requires no installation.

Putty interface

Putty is not only able to provide a secure connection to SSH, but also performs a number of other network connection, but we still do not need it. In the software important for us is field Host Name (or IP address), the field Port, and one eye should gaze at the switch Connection Type, which should be in the SSH. Actually, when you run Putty, Connection Type default position is always on SSH connection, but our playful fingers may accidentally make some changes :)

When in a hosting company you purchased a server (VPS virtual server or a dedicated physical server) with a Unix operating system and from hoster  you obtained personal data with IP-address of your server and root password let's begin to connect to server.

In the Host Name (or IP address) you need to fill IP-address of rented server, four digits through the point, the Port should be 22, because according to the developed networking standards for default SSH protocol secured 22 inbound port. All servers in the default configuration may not have established programs such as the web server Apache, the database MySQL, FTP applications, but they will come with service SSH, which allows you to safely connect to the server on port 22.

When you first time connect to the server via a specific port security notice pops up Warning - Potential Security Breach. If you specified the correct IP address of your server click "OK" - we want Putty to remember our new server.

Putty warning message

After this we have a black screen, in which we are proposed to login. In the field login as: you need to write root. In the password: enter password the hoster sent to you with details of the leased server.

Putty console

Pay attention when you enter the password: no icons, no stars, etc. nothing is indicated, copy and paste the password also not be able, there is a full blind set. Security requires sacrifice, so be very careful to not enter it 20 times. If you failed to enter to the server for you will be displayed Access denied and will again be asked to enter a password.

Once you successfully connect you will see a line like:

[root@name-of-your-server ~]#

Congratulations, your first steps into the dark world of Linux security were done. To log off from server enter the command exit

[root@name-of-your-server ~]# exit 2013-2023